Blasts from the past.

One of the coolest (and occasionally creepiest) things about the blog is that it's put me back in touch with people I haven't talked to or seen (or thought about, sometimes) for twenty or thirty years. On the cool side of the ledger, a nice note and archival photo from my old college buddy Doug Matthews. The fact that I actually got a degree says something about my consumptive/recuperative powers in those days, I guess. Not to mention the benign inattention of OU's faculty and administrators. It may have been technically impossible to flunk out for a brief period there, short of setting fire to the Dean's office.

Anyway, here's the photo. That's actually me, I'm pretty sure. Just out of the picture on the left are Chris Davis (upper, guitar) and Larry Anderson (lower, banjo). The venue is probably Bojangle's; we played there a lot.

Wish I still had that guitar: it's a '67 Martin D28, Brazilian rosewood. It never really sounded that great, but it'd be worth a chunk of change in the current market.

Photo and trip down memory lane thanks to Uncle Douger.

A note to my colleagues

Sorry about that depart mental thing. It's not you; it's me.

Andy's right. Here's another bunny.


They call them departmental meetings

because you always depart mental.