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A big howdy to any pals from Z-Talk who might happen by.  Lots of great guys there--and I learned a lot about amps/gear/etc.



Blogger's acting very weird--not sure what's up wit dat.


More actual reader comments:

One from Blondie in Texas:
I loved High Season and Mating Season and look forward to Fire Season. I enjoy reading books set in the "real world". I'll admit the sex scenes get me a little worked up but that's actually a bonus. I know my husband appreciates it. Keep up the great work !!!
Happy to oblige, ma'am. 
And there's this very kind note from Bob Voges:
Picked up "High Season" last week in the Now Voyager bookstore in P-Town and just loved it. I especially loved the reference to seeing John Waters at the A&P, since I had seen him bicycling down Commercial St just a few minutes before I bought the book. You get P-Town exactly right, I think, and do for P-Town what Lawrence Shames has done for Key West. Looking forward to enjoying "Mating Season" and "Fire Season" and, I hope, many more. Thanks so much. 
No, thank YOU, Bob. Always happy to get feedback from readers (especially when I get stuff right).  Happy, too, that Now Voyager's still stocking HS. Will miss visiting P'town this year, but things being what they are it's just not possible.  Sigh.