So the tree guys came and took out the dead walnut at the back of the property today; a fine thing. If I'm not still feeling like crap tomorrow (summer cold), I'll stack the wood up along the east property line, most likely. Jim and Mike made great progress on the screen porch; meanwhile, I'm still dithering a bit on the fp tile situation. My impulse is just to have Larry do it, even though he's overcharging us, just for the sake of getting it done.

Meanwhile, we have to call Barb, order the rest of our appliances, and a million other things. Gack.

Dan the painter gets back on Thursday. Time for a little come to Jesus moment, I think.


Presto Shang said...

Do I understand that you're stacking up walnut for firewood? Have you checked local arson laws?

Oh, by the way, you did say you've stacked this treasure on the east property line, right? Just curious. It's not like I could really find your house, or anything.

Jon Loomis said...

Afraid so, Mr. Shang. The tree guys had to take the old girl down in small pieces, in order to get around the nest of power/cable/phone lines at the NE corner of the property. No mill-able anything, alas. It'll burn nice, though, for several winters. If you're into wood-carving (bowls or whatever), I've got some nice lower trunk sections I'd let you have.