Trying out the trackback thing with Lucy's blog

Apparently it works sort of like this.

Just wanted her to know I'm linking... crap. It doesn't seem to have worked.


lucy said...

hey cousin jon:

so glad you saw my link. last time i saw you was a grandma's funeral and i was pregnant with my son -- he's now 16 1/2! would love to know more about how you're doing, besides becoming a world-famous mystery writer. just bought your book for my library here on the cape. i'm reachable at bookdance@comcast.net. take care! -- lucy

Damselfly said...

Very cool finding a relative's blog...I am your cousin Pam's youngest daughter, Erin....making you my first cousin, once removed I think. Anyway, I was very excited to read about your book on Lucy's page and laughed since my firs experience with Provincetoen was at the age of 8, asking my parents if the person walking down the street next to our car wearing a dress was a woman or a man. I added your link to my site too....look out, you may just end up famous! --erin