Uh oh.

Just found a new online source for guitar widgets. They've got Landgraff stuff, and Tim pedals. The question is, can I deduct all the gear I've bought this year, since we played at Blues Fest?

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Skiludd said...

Mr Loomis! I just finished your book HIGH SEASON and was impressed. The book kept my attention very well! The only thing I found that most criminal mystery writers need is a good weapons source of information. In HIGH SEASON, page 265, where you have Billy taking Lola's 38 caliber snub nose from her boot (must have been a deep boot-normally police would carry it in an ankle holster to prevent it from falling out while running) and most important, there is no safety on a 38 snub nose, except for some pistols which have a child proof lock which requires a key / wrench to unlock. My suggestion is to ask someone from a gun shop or a gunsmith for technical advice when talking about weapons. (Like the old western where a six shooter firing fifteen times before reloading)