Actual Reader Comment!

From reader "Ann."  This one was so awesome I thought it deserved a post of its own:

"I am half way this this [sic] book and I have never read such trash language in my life in a mystery book. I can read 3 to 4 books a week just reading at night and I was totally disgusted with this one. I chose it because of the setting...Cape Cod..which I love and I am enjoying the mystery part of it but I feel all the foul mouthing [sic] crap in it is uncalled for. I cannot believe you come from a place like Wisconsin and write such trash but of course you are far left (from some of your writing in the book) so that figures...anything goes. I wish you well but if this is an example of your type of writing I will not buy your books again. Yes I am a female. "

She seems to have mistaken me for the author(s) of the Nancy Drew series.


Terrence McCarthy said...

I know a guy who just had his first book published. I like the book, but between its covers is way too much foul language and descriptions of sexual activity that would make Larry Flint blush. I told my friend how I felt about his trash talk. He did not respond ( Missed the opportunity to say F--- you, Mister )

I read Mating Season. Sure, it has some adult language and, as the film reviews warn: Sexual situations

But hey! Your novel is set in Provincetown, not Mayberry. Or that town in which Beaver ( Beaver?! ) and Wally lived.

Terrence McCarthy said...

You know Bruce De Silva? Dennis Lehane does. Bruce is a new friend on my facebook site. For what it's worth in this way too weird lit cosmos

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog site. And read this first paragraph with a smirk and a frown. Frown because I'm wondering why someone would bother to read your book only to try to trash talk about it later. A smirk because I so instantly fell in love with your characters and told everyone around me about both of your "season" books because they made me laugh out loud! Must be something wrong with me because I kept thinking "why can't I live in a town like this?"
Thank you for special memorable characters and enjoyable, entertaining stories. Can't wait for "Fire Season"! ~janetH, South Carolina

Anonymous said...

My wife and I fucking loved both of your books. Hopefully the next one will be out by the time next summer rolls around.

Unknown said...

I read 'High season' last November and have just finished 'Mating Season' - realistic, gritty, a little offbeat and GREAT novels !
I can't wait for more ! The woman who wrote the silly comments about language etc should stick to 'romances'. - There are MANY readers out here who love reading about characters like Frank and Lola and there offbeat little town. - Kind of reminds me a little of the 'Jesse Stone' novels which I also like very much. -You write great books Jon, please keep them coming - Charlie Ness

Jon Loomis said...

Thanks to all who like the books--these comments have made me very happy. Having a lot of fun with #3!

Blondie in Texas said...

I loved High Season and Mating Season and look forward to Fire Season. I enjoy reading books set in the "real world". I'll admit the sex scenes get me a little worked up but that's actually a bonus. I know my husband appreciates it. Keep up the great work !!!

Bob Voges said...

Picked up "High Season" last week in the Now Voyager bookstore in P-Town and just loved it. I especially loved the reference to seeing John Waters at the A&P, since I had seen him bicycling down Commercial St just a few minutes before I bought the book.

You get P-Town exactly right, I think, and do for P-Town what Lawrence Shames has done for Key West. Looking forward to enjoying "Mating Season" and "Fire Season" and, I hope, many more.

Thanks so much.