Holy Grail. Ish.

The latest addition to the pedalboard: a Hermida Mosferatu, little sister of the legendary (and hellaciously hard to come-by) Zendrive (scroll down a bit on the above link). The Mosferatu is a great little overdrive with just the right kind of hair and plenty of blues/rock nasty on tap. Dr. Tao wondered if I'd still take delivery of the Zendrive I have on order (they're backordered something like a year, and selling in the $360-400 range on eBay). Hell yes, I said. I didn't tell him I also have an Analogman King of Tone on order, which will arrive shortly after judgment day.


Daniel Hatadi said...

That looks very cool. I just got hold of an MI Audio Blues Pro and I'm having a ball.

I have a feeling you might like their Tube Zone: http://www.miaudio.com/TZ1.htm

Jon Loomis said...

Hi Daniel,

I've looked at the Blues Pro and the Neo Fuzz online; people seem to like the MI stuff a lot, and it's all very reasonably priced. If you're a blues guy, I strongly recommend the Clark Gainster--very soulful and gritty with very little tone coloration, at a more-than-reasonable price.