A note about romance novels and their place in the literary/artistic hierarchy:

Somewhere between lap-dancing and oompah music, I'm pretty sure.

(Post in reference to a crimespace thread I started, here.)

Update/apology: it's been brought to my attention that I've insulted a lot of strippers and tuba players with this post. Not my intention at all. Sorry.


Presto Shang said...

It's true that I enjoy mystery novels, but I only read romance novels when I have to; and it's true that I have sometimes had thoughts of murder, usually in traffic, but I have never wanted my bodice ripped. So you must be right.

But let me think some more about the bodice thing.

Jon Loomis said...

To paraphrase Chandler, it depends on who's doing the ripping.

Kate H. said...

What's that about glass houses?

At least publishing houses freely distribute romance writing manuals.

Jon Loomis said...

Hi Kate--hey, I had no idea you were a romance fan. The things people let slip on the internets.

Kate H. said...

I never said fan. I just wanted an extra 15-thou out of college.

But just couldnt...bring...myself...to...do...it.