Full novel jacket

Here's the full book cover, officially complete. I'm happy with it, in general--a couple of spots in the flap copy that still seem a bit awkward, my hair's doing something weird in the author photo, and what, no credit for helping with the jacket design? (Kidding on that last one). Still, it's a good-looking book, I think. If that matters. And apparently it does.

Up to page 118 on the new one, as of today. How in the hell people write a book a year is the real mystery, if you ask me.

Update: Okay, it's not quite final. They forgot to insert the money quote from Kirkus; that's still going in, apparently.


Daniel Hatadi said...

That looks damned sharp, Jon. And it's good to see you coming out from behind that martini. :)

Jon Loomis said...

Hey Daniel! Thanks for stopping by. I'm honored!

Daniel Hatadi said...

When I saw Zen and Blues in the same sentence, I couldn't help coming over and drooling at all your guitar gear.